Food trailers are the new craze in town; every profit-oriented business owner wants to have one. Who wouldn’t want to? This outdoor mobile food vending solution has evolved to be a multi-billion dollar industry. Little wonder why this genius invention has survived through decades of business.

Food trailers are mainly used to prepare food in advance for sale in open spaces. Some of the food items sold in a food truck have evolved over the years to include a menu of ready-made food items like ice cream and hotdogs. The model of operation is simple, the already prepared food can be brought out of the freezer and heated up to the customer’s satisfaction when needed. Food trailers come in different sizes, and they include;

  • 8×6.
  • 8×8.
  • 8×10.
  • 7×14
  • 8.6×14

If your preferred size is not on the list, you can as well make a custom order.